Sept-Îles Nature Reserve

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Only 30 kilometers from your rental near Perros Guirec, Ploumanac’h, you will embark by boat to explore the nature reserve of the 7 islands.

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An archipelago of 7 islands

Facing Perros Guirec and close to the coast of Ploumanac’h, 7 kilometers from it, you can admire the beauty of the archipelago of Sept-Îles, classified as a nature reserve in 1976. With a surface of 40 ha, Armorican archipelago groups the following 7 islands: Bono Island (21.6 ha), Île aux Moines (9.4 ha), Plate Island (5 ha), Île Rouzic (3.3 ha), Malban Island (1.2 ha), The Deer and the Costans. Only Île aux Moines was inhabited, so a lighthouse and an 18th century fort were built there.

Wildlife reserve rich in wildlife

The archipelago of 7 islands is the largest nature reserve on the French coast. Thanks to a wild environment, many species of birds are present on the island Rouzic: the Gannet, puffins monks, English Puffins and Penguins Torda. But there are also Herring Gulls, Brown Gulls, Gray Seals and many more. More than 20,000 pairs of birds have been observed.

Access to the archipelago of Sept-Iles

The 7 Islands are accessible all year long from the coast of Perros Guirec. Embark on a boat tour for the discovery of the islands and enjoy a stop over on Île aux Moines. Time to admire the unforgettable view and take some pictures to leave with nice memories.

Presentation of Sept-Îles


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