Cité des Télécoms

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A fun, unusual day out with your children in Pleumeur-Bodou !

Ligne Orange

Our staff at the holiday village recommend you visit the cité des Télécoms in Pleumeur-Bodou !


The site in Pleumeur-Bodou was chosen over 50 years ago for international transmissions by satellite.  In 1962 the radome and its horn antenna were opened and the first American televised image was retransmitted.  Thanks to this huge progress, the French could watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon in 1969 !  The station ceased its activity in 1985 and it is now a listed historic monument and boasts the “20th century heritage” label.


Owned by France Telecom, the city strives to bring this historic site back to life.  The radome, a huge white ball standing 54 m tall, is a breathtaking sight.  In the 300m² exhibition hall at the foot of the radome, you can learn all about the founders and discover the first hours of communication to modern day technology.


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